City Seal Controversy

City of Redlands

A school field trip to Washington, D.C., and Plymouth Plantation inspired students at Arrowhead Christian Academy to participate in local government by peacefully protesting the removal of the Christian cross from the city’s logo. Their discoveries and enthusiasm ignited a smoldering controversy … should the city bow to a threat from the ACLU? Was that threat justified? Is history being revised? 

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Those protesting the removal of the cross from the seal of the City of Redlands believe this is an attempt by the ACLU to erase the impact of Judeo-Christian values on the history of the nation, and more specifically on the history of Redlands. They claim that Redlands has been known as “The City of Churches” because it is uniquely Christian in its heritage, and that the design of the city’s logo was a reflection of that reality. The Committee to Save Redlands’ Seal is taking a stand against the ACLU’s interpretation of the 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The Committee believes that cities have a constitutional right to reflect their heritage, and that this right was secured by the Founding Fathers. They presented their position, along with a letter signed by 11 local pastors and a petition including 285 signatures, at the May 4th City Council meeting.

Those supporting the removal of the cross also presented a letter, with 65 signatures, to the City Council on June 1st. The People for Inclusivity stated in their letter, “We, the following individuals, are united in our conviction of an inclusive vision of Redlands.” Read their statement in the minutes, under Public Comments.

Will the Redlands City Council pull back from their May 4th statements that they would pursue the issue if funding were found? (See the minutes of the meeting, under New Business.)