Just like any town in America, Redlands has always had its share of local bars, watering holes and pubs, but things have been changing in the past few years. With additions of a few downtown bars, Redlands now has a bar scene. Now the scene isn’t exactly ready to compete with the likes of L.A. or San Diego or even Orange County, and hopefully it never will. However, notice a lack of mention of other communities such as Riverside, San Bernardino, Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga and Claremont. Now wait, before you get defensive about your favorite bar to visit in one of these towns, let me say this; with out a doubt there are a wide variety of great restaurants, pubs and places of entertainment in each of these cities, but keep in mind they just aren’t in walking distance from each other. While it’s common throughout America, especially in college towns to have a “drinking row”, the Inland Empire is the exception. Redlands now has a bar scene simply because it’s the only place in the Inland Empire that has a row of bars within walking distance of each other.

While the “scene” isn’t booming every weeknight, it can be a different story during the weekend and more over on holidays. If you’re a local, you can be sure the chances of you will running into someone familiar are pretty good; but more often people are coming to Redlands from out of town and with good reason. There are different places to fit different needs. The Pink Flamingo on Orange Street is the classic dive bar that has been open for years. Regulars call it the “Dirty Bird” and it’s known for cheap drinks and the best Bloody Marys in the world! Almost hidden, but directly behind the Pink Flamingo, is the Boiler Room. The Boiler Room is known for its trendy scene, large patio, and fire pit. A few doors down from the Pink Flamingo on Orange Street is Jerseys Pizza, which is a great place to bring the family, get a beer, and watch the game.

Just across Redlands Blvd., on Orange Street, is the world famous Royal Falconer British Pub. What are they known for? Well… for being British, right down to the dark beer and their delicious fish-n-chips. Next door, on the corner of Orange and State Street, is Charlie Jewells. “Chucks” is a trendy bar with a large space, which is usually filled by a crowd. Up State Street is Caprice Café, an upscale restaurant, and wonderful place to get a good drink or a fine wine. They are also known for hosting parties from time to time. Just about two doors up is a great family place, Gourmet Pizza, known for their amazing pizza creations and lively atmosphere. There are also two Martini Bars within two blocks of downtown Redlands. One is the Vault on Vine Street in the Fox building. The Vault has numerous rooms and hallways that are centered around a unique, brick courtyard. It’s a great place to find your own spot and share a drink, and listen to some local music. The other is Mu Restaurant Bar Lounge. It includes a bar, lounge, and an al fresco patio.

If your looking for a quiet atmosphere and great coffee, there are five coffee shops in the downtown area all within a block or two of downtown. Augie’s Coffeehouse on 5th Street is the newest shop, a great place for coffee, snacks, and live music. Down on Cajon and Vine, in the Fox Building, there is Cafe Royal – a quiet place that’s good for reading or meeting friends. The Olive Avenue Market is a hot spot on the weekends for bicyclist  and locals to converse and enjoy a morning coffee.

If you’re hungry before you go out, then don’t forget the great Restaurants in the downtown area. The Farm, Joe Greensleeves, Citrone, Clara’s and Caprice, all great for fine dining.

Downtown Redlands has become a place of destination, and a place that is sure to show you a great time. Redlands isn’t only about the downtown area, the city has many great places’ to eat and relax. Check out the RedlandsWeb Restaurant Guide for the complete list and have a great time!

Local Pubs-

The Boiler Room 345 N. Fifth St., Redlands 909-792-8855

Charlie Jewell’s 1 E. State St., Redlands 909 792-2265

Mu Restaurant Bar Lounge 309 W. State St., Redlands 909-798-7747

Redlands Underground 19 E Citrus Ave., # 103, Redlands 909-798-1500

Romano’s Restauraunt 330 Orange St., Redlands 909-798-9228

Royal Falconer British Pub 106 Orange St., Redlands, 909-307-8913

State Street Winery 404 E State Street, Redlands 909-798-4300

Tartan of Redlands 24 E. Redlands Blvd. 909-792-9919

Taylors Cocktail Lounge 26787 Barton Rd., Redlands, 909-793-4314

Time in a Bottle 344 Orange St., Redlands 909-307-9463

The Pink Flamingo, 300 Orange St., Redlands 909-792-9917

The Vault Martini Bar & Grill, Fox Building, 20 E. Vine St., Redlands 909-798-2399

Wild Rocket Seasonal Kitchen & Bar 345 W. Pearl Ave., Redlands 909-798-6300